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Sadly, almost 30% of the worlds population are either obese or overweight. These statistics are incredible to think that 30 out of every 100 people are overweight. It doesn’t help when it seems that fast food outlets are popping up all over the place.
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The global obesity epidemic is continuing, and a new report shows that around 2 billion people worldwide are overweight or obese.

So, which country tops the record for the highest obesity rate?

Let me guess, you are thinking America? Well actually, Nauru tops the list with a huge 45.10%. America came in 10th place with 31.80%, just beating Mexico at 32.80%. It is believed that the westerners are to blame for the obesity in Nauru.

When the colonizers first arrived in these tropical paradises, they took their western ways of cooking with them, teaching the locals how cooking is meant to be by frying their fresh fish and vegetables rather than eating raw as they had been doing all these years.

health and fitness reviews
These days it is so easy and convenient to go and buy fast food instead of cooking a healthy meal at home.
Unfortunately, it also seems cheaper to eat out at a fast food restaurant than buy healthy ingredients and plan a nutritious meal at home. 2 pizzas that cost $5 each can feed my family of 4 and is a very cheap meal.
This is why we need to watch our weight and what we eat, otherwise some people are at high risk of heart attacks and stroke.
Being overweight can be dangerous and lead to diseases and even death.
We have been doing some reviews on dietary products that are the best diets in my opinion, and also to help others make a good decision on what diets are good, what works, and most of all to make sure they are affordable. This is why in most of the reviews, I have searched and searched for discounts to not only help you lose weight, but also to put money back in your pocket.
health and fitness reviews
Please feel free to check out my health and fitness reviews and have a thorough look through them. I hope my reviews can help you out and also give you some answers so you can make the right decision on what product to choose.
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