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21 Tips to Lose Weight Naturally

Check out these 21 tips to lose weight naturally.

If you are wondering, how does someone lose weight naturally, you have come to the right place!

I tell you now that these tips to lose weight naturally are some of the best tips for you to lose your stomach fat quickly and get the results you want to achieve.

1. Write Down What You Eat To Lose Belly Fat

Have you ever thought about what you actually eat throughout your average week? Let me guess, probably not? I bet you are thinking that you know what you eat throughout the week anyway, maybe you do and maybe you don’t. tips to lose weight naturally

If you were to make yourself a diary just for one week to monitor your food and drink intake, you will most likely be surprised at the extra things you actually consume. Some of these could be the main factor for putting on the extra belly fat.

It’s incredible when you find out just how many snacks you might be having without really taking notice.

Don’t just focus on snacks; also document the drinks you have throughout the week i.e. alcohol, coffee, tea, fruit juice, etc. Some drinks contain a huge amount of sugar.

Some people that consume sugar on a regular basis should do a sugar detox to free their bodies and cut out their sugar intake.

Sugar can be a contributing factor for putting on belly fat. Do you have sugar in your tea or coffee? Can you do without it? Why not try something that is caffeine-free like Red Tea or even just plain old water.

2. Yoga

Yoga is a very popular way to reduce belly fat and also have the feeling of relaxation at the same time. yoga for weight loss - tips to lose weight naturally

Some of the health benefits of yoga are:

  • Improves concentration and focus
  • Better cardiovascular health
  • You get a better quality of sleep
  • Improves your strength throughout your whole body
  • Improves your flexibility

Check out some more benefits here. Most people wouldn’t know how beneficial yoga actually is.

Yoga Burn is a great way to start out with yoga.

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3. Drink Water Half an Hour Before Meals

Tips to lose weight naturally - drink water to lose weight

Water and weight loss come hand in hand as it is a vital part of losing weight.

It has been proven through a study that drinking water 30 minutes before meals increased weight loss by up to around 44% within a 3 month period.

There a plenty of benefits from drinking water. Water is great for flushing toxins from your body and can even suppress your appetite if you drink it before meals. Another bonus is water is totally calorie-free!!

It has been proven that drinking cold water can help you burn up to an extra 400 kilo-joules per day for every 2 liters of water you consume.

For Weight Loss, How Much Water Should I Drink?  You should aim to drink at least 2 liters (67 ounces) of water for weight loss.

If you aren’t a great fan of plain old water, lemon in water is also successful for weight loss, plus adds a nice refreshing flavor!

The water weight loss diet has been very successful with a lot of people struggling to lose weight.

4. Exercise for Belly Fat Loss

 To achieve good results and burn off excess belly fat, you should exercise for belly fat loss.

There are heaps of exercises that you can do to help with your goal weight.

Check out some of the simple exercises for belly fat below, they are easy and achievable.

5. Crunches

Crunches are a great way of working out to lose belly fat. This type of exercise burns off excess belly fat quickly, gives you great strength training, and would be one of the most popular workouts, plus you can do them from your own home.

How Many Crunches Should I Do? You should aim to do at least 3 to 4 sets of 12 reps to start seeing some weight loss and toning in the stomach region.

How to do crunches

If you are looking at how to do crunches, the below will help you.

Position yourself flat on the floor (preferably on a mat) with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground.

  1. Raise your hands and put them behind your head, or if more comfortable you can place them crossed on your chest.
  2. Take a deep breath in and as you raise your upper torso off the floor exhale your breath.
  3. Take a deep breath as you are getting back down the breath out again as you come back up.
  4. If you feel discomfort in your back, only raise your back 3-4 inches off the ground instead of doing a full sit-up.
  5. Depending on your fitness level, a beginner would be good starting off with 10-15 of these and doing 2 sets.

6. Planks

 Planks can be a great belly fat burning exercise. They are great to build your core strength.

How to perform Planks

  1. Lie face down with your forearms on the floor.
  2. Extend your legs behind the body and rise up on your toes. Make sure to keep your back straight while doing the plank.
  3. While in this position, tighten your core and hold this position for around 40-60 seconds.


7. Get Yourself a Training Partner

 Ask a friend if they would be interested in doing exercises to lose belly fat. Together you can encourage each other to do a workout that loses belly fat.

There are some great exercises you can do with a partner. One of the best exercises to lose fat with a partner would be the ‘Medicine Ball Pass’. This one is an easy way to intensify the traditional sit-up routine and is fun!

How to perform ‘Medicine Ball Pass’

  1. Grab yourself a partner.
  2. One partner will start by lying on the floor in the traditional sit-up position with their feet flat on the floor and knees bent.
  3. The other partner stands up with the medicine ball and will throw the ball to his/her partner.
  4. The ball should be thrown from the standing person when the sitting person is lowering themselves.
  5. To mix it up a bit, you can also both sit face to face on the floor and throw the medicine ball to each other while performing the same sit-up routine.


Using your own body weight for exercises is a great way to lose belly fat. Also, with bodyweight exercises, you don’t need any gym equipment or gym membership as these can all be done in the comfort of your very own place.

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8. Try Keto for Weight Loss

The Keto weight loss average professionals recommend are one to two pounds of weight loss per week. Within the first few weeks of the keto diet, you’ll mainly lose water weight due to your decrease in calorie intake.

The Keto diet is proving to be an extremely successful way to lose weight in recent years.

Here are just some benefits of the Keto diet that most people relate to:

  • An increase in your daily energy
  • Decrease in inflammation
  • You will notice that you have better brain function
  • An improved body composition
  • Reduced blood sugar and insulin levels

Check out some of these interesting Keto products that will give you a boost to your weight loss!

9. Lose Weight Naturally

There are so many different ways to lose weight and reduce your belly fat, some naturally and some not naturally. Losing weight naturally is definitely the way to go as it is just that….natural!!

There is a heap of amazing programs that will help you to lose weight, and some of these will show you how to lose belly fat naturally without exercise :

Bodyweight Burn SiteReview here

10. Try Paleo for Weight Loss

Paleo for weight loss is also another successful way to lose weight and a lot of people are choosing this method to burn off their unwanted pounds.

The Paleo weight loss diet can help you because:

  • It reduces your calorie intake
  • Eliminates the high processed foods
  • Eliminates added sugar
  • It is high in protein. Protein is one of the most important nutrients for a successful weight loss
  • Paleo is low in carbs. By reducing your carb intake is one of the best ways to lose weight successfully

 Check out some popular Paleo cookbooks here.

11. Walking for Weight Loss

Can I lose weight by walking? Absolutely. Walking regularly is a brilliant weight loss strategy and is great for your whole body. Walking for just 40 minutes per day is a great way to burn calories.

walking for weight loss

You can even do it at your own comfortable pace, whether you want to do a brisk walk or just a casual walk. It is all good for you no matter what your preference.

Walking for 40 minutes for at least four days every week will gradually decrease your excess weight.

You will notice an increase in heart rate which is good, and also your metabolism will increase helping to burn away calories quickly which will help to eliminate the fat around your belly.

Walking can be for anyone from beginner to advanced.


12. Jogging for Weight Loss

If you want to get a little more intense cardio workout, give jogging a try. You will be more successful in losing belly fat doing jogging than running as it increases the heart rate more than walking.


jogging for weight loss

13. Running for Weight Loss

To ramp it up, even more, give running a try. Once again, this will increase your cardio more than walking or jogging. Keep in mind though that running will wear you out quickly so the results of running may not give you better results than walking or jogging.

Why not mix it up a bit? Nothing says you can’t start off with a walk, and then do 10 minutes of jogging, 5 minutes or running, then back to a brisk walk. This way you will reap the benefits of all of the above.

running for weight loss

14. Cycling For Weight Loss

cycling for weight loss

If you want to lose a few pounds, cycling for weight loss is an amazing way to start out! Getting on your bike and going for an easy ride long or short, fast, or slow is a great way to get your heart pumping, burning calories, and most of all losing weight. So get on your bike and start losing those unwanted pounds!


15. Swimming for Weight Loss

Getting in the water doing some swimming is one of the best ways to give your whole body a great workout! Swimming for weight swimming for weight lossloss is one of the most successful ways to build core strength, build muscle tone, give you a cardio workout, and most of all burn calories so you are burning fat all over your body.

This type of exercise uses a lot of muscles throughout your body including your heart and lungs.

Another bonus of swimming or exercising in water is that if you suffer from back or joint pain, the water actually takes away your weight on the back or joints making it easier to work out.

16. Fruit and Vegetables

Eating healthy foods is a must!!

Fruit and vegetables are really good for your health.

They are high in water, fiber, and nutrients. You can have a decent amount without having a large intake of calories.

Eating fruit and vegetables daily will be beneficial for your health and also help you with your weight loss.


17. Eat More Fiber

Foods rich in fiber can help you with your weight loss.

Water-soluble foods can be helpful as this type of fiber can give you an increase of feeling fullness in your belly.

Fiber can also feed the good gut bacteria which can reduce the risk of being overweight.

Increase your fiber gradually. Be careful not to start on a big fiber diet as it can cause bloating, cramps diarrhea, and a general unwell feeling in your stomach.

18. Make Sure You Are Getting Enough Sleep

Yes, sleep can be a big factor for losing unwanted belly fat. sleeping to lose weight

Sleep is just as important as eating a healthy diet and exercising.

It has been found that poor sleep is one of the biggest risk factors leading to obesity.

It has been reported that women that sleep less than 5 hours per night generally weigh more than women who have a good night’s sleep of more than 7 hours per night.


19. DO NOT Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Skipping breakfast won’t help you lose weight, but instead, it will make you feel hungry throughout the day and you will find yourself snacking through the day. This won’t help you lose your belly fat if anything it will make you put on more weight.


20. Cut Down on Alcohol

You might be surprised but did you know that there is a lot of sugar in alcohol?

Just a standard glass of wine can have as many calories as having a piece of chocolate.

Drinking too much can easily add issues and give you a rapid weight gain.


21. Stay Positive

As the saying goes – ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, and that goes for losing weight. Losing weight is a stay positive with weight lossgradual process that will take some time to achieve your goal weight.

Don’t feel disheartened if the weight doesn’t drop off you at the rate you were hoping for. Everyone has a different metabolism, so everyone will be different.

You may find some days to be harder than others, but keep your headstrong and keep going.

Don’t stress and get worried if you also gain a little weight while trying to lose weight. Some people will get slight fluctuations in their weight.

Be persistent, stay positive and you will be on your way to a successful, new you!

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