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Bodyweight Burn Review – Can a 20 Minute Workout Be Effective?

Welcome to my Bodyweight Burn Review. Can a 20 minute workout be effective? Let’s dive in and see from my own personal experience with this program I hope you enjoy my review of this amazing product.Can a 20 minute workout be effective

If you are looking for exercise to burn belly fat, make sure you read this review! I think you will like what you are about to read!!

This program is what you need right now, especially if you are in isolation due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. You do these bodyweight exercises to burn fat at home with no need to go to the gym or head out and buy expensive gym equipment.

You can find the Bodyweight Burn official website here.

Wouldn’t it be good if you could look as good as you did when you graduated from school? Get that sexy young-looking body back and start feeling confident in yourself once again?

Your partner will be thrilled with the results once you start doing this program (trust me on this), it will feel like the good old days when you met the love of your life!

It doesn’t matter your fitness level as it is for anyone. I was looking for bodyweight workouts for beginners and that is how I stumbled across this program. I needed something that showed exercises to lose weight fast at home without equipment, and that’s what I found!

All you have to do is follow this program and it will also happen to you!!


About Me

Me after the bodyweight burn program

Hi, my name is Krystal and I would like to give you my thoughts and opinions on The Bodyweight Burn Workout Program.

For years my weight slowly crept up on me, and before I knew it I was 24 pounds overweight.

I was very busy with work and family commitments that I couldn’t find the time or even money to go to the gym. I think I would have felt awkward going to the gym anyway, as there would be a lot of fit-looking regulars working out and I think that would make me feel uncomfortable within myself.

This is when I came across the Bodyweight Burn program online. I could do the workouts at home, didn’t need any gym equipment, and only took 21 minutes per day!! That’s what sold me!!

Anyway, enough about me… So here is my Bodyweight Burn Workout Review.

What is Bodyweight Burn?bodyweight burn package

Bodyweight Burn is the latest fat loss program from Adam Steer, also known as “The Bodyweight Coach.” Adam claims that his program will help you lose up to 21 lbs of body fat within just 12 weeks by doing 21 minutes of his workouts per day.

Adam Steer is a well-known expert in the fitness world for his unique and incredibly effective approach to bodyweight-only exercise which delivers results!

Adam has produced other popular programs like Bodyweight Exercise Revolution, Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss, and Shapeshifter Body Redesign.

His new BW3 exercise System makes strategic use of amazing advancements in sports science, right alongside some of the world’s oldest and most effective exercises. I think this would be his best program to date.

The synergy Adam creates with this new approach actually allows you to burn MORE stubborn fat than most long boring workouts, in only 21 minutes a day.

What’s the goal? To burn away as much as 21 pounds of fat from your body in only twelve weeks.


What Is Bodyweight Burn?

I can say that I never would have believed that a 21-minute physical exercise workout would kick my butt.

Was I ever wrong! I was totally blown away!bodyweight burn review

Adam’s main fitness clientele are CEOs, businessmen, and stay at home moms. People who are wanting to get in fine form quickly, without wasting any time.

That’s why all of the workouts in Bodyweight Burn is intended to be completed in twenty-one minutes.

You will find there are 3 different “workout types” in this approach. A significant part of the program relies on interval training. If you’re aware of high-intensity intervals, you’ll know how effective they are.

A recent study within the European Journal of Applied Physiology showed that, when it comes to boosting calorie burning, as little as 15 minutes of resistance training did just as good of a job as thirty five minutes of weight lifting. And the increase in metabolism lasted for up to as much as seventy two hours AFTER completing the workout!

Can a 20 Minute Workout Be Effective?

Absolutely!! These Bodyweight workouts are very effective. One of the most important advantages of these kinds of workouts over typical cardio like treadmills or exercise bikes is that it continues to burn fat for twenty-four to forty-eight hours after you finish exercising. That’s why Adam calls these things “Afterburner workouts”. He also includes something called “Metabolic Muscle” workouts.

They’re designed to grow, strengthen, and maintain good looking lean muscle.

Because lean muscle burns a lot of calories at rest — this means you burn a lot of fat. And because that muscle is what gives your body its attractive shape.

The third part of his approach is named “Cardioflow”. This is Adam’s answer to boring old treadmills and running or walking. Cardio flow takes a fun series of bodyweight movements and puts them into an extended flowing chain. The goal is to move continuously without resting. Burning fat while having fun.

The program is split into 2 x 6-week phases, for a total of 12 weeks. You get one day of total rest per week, so you’re training 6 days a week. But I bet you won’t even notice, because you’ll end the workouts really quick

before and after photos with proof that the program works.

Who is This Workout Program For?

  • If you’re overweight and want to burn off some body fat.
  • You’re a woman wanting to narrow your waist and get a toned stomach.
  • You’re a man and would like to build muscle or tone existing muscles in all the right places.
  • You are thin and would like to build some nice lean, toned muscles to put on some bulk.
  • You and your partner are wanting to get fit and healthy together. This is a great way to get each other to maintain the exercise plan.
  • If you are busy and don’t have a great amount of free time.
  • If you travel due to work commitments. You can do the exercises anywhere, anytime.

This is an excellent solution for you if you hate going to a gym. You can do all of the exercises within the privacy of your own residence. You don’t require a high level of fitness to start out either.

All of Adam’s workouts are designed to grow in intensity. This means you can take it slow if you’re just starting out. And it will also challenge you if you’re a regular exerciser.

Your age and current fitness level do not matter at all.

This fitness program was perfect for me and I believe it would be perfect for you. Therefore, if you want to lose some weight, improve your health, look great naked, and feel more confident at the beach or in the bedroom, this program is for you.

What’s Cool About The Bodyweight Burn Program?

bodyweight workouts for beginners

Here’s what I loved about the program:

  1. It’s fast. You really will strip away belly fat and build powerful lean muscle with workouts that don’t even take half an hour. That adds up to 2.1 hours a week. anyone would have this kind of time, no matter how busy you are.
  2. Easy to follow. The shorter your workouts, the higher the chances you’re going to stick to them. That’s important because consistency is the #1 success factor when it comes to long term fat loss.
  3. No more gyms! You don’t need a gym membership to follow this program, therefore you will actually be saving money. You can do these workouts in your lounge room, living room, back yard, hotel room, or office. All you need is a little bit of area to work out and a timer.
  4. It’s fun. There are some VERY cool moves within this program. Stuff I’ve never seen before. And I bet most gym trainers have never seen them either. Adam is enthusiastic about his strategies, and it shows. These are amazing workouts that you’ll actually have fun following.

Adam also backs this program with a sixty-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. He’s confident that he can get you results. And he would like you to give it a go at no risk to you.

You can also contact Adam and his team for help at any time through his client support email. His team is renowned within the industry for its quick, courteous response.

What’s Included in Bodyweight Burn?

The entire program is available for immediate download.

You don’t need to wait for the mail to arrive to begin to start losing belly fat. You’ll be able to watch the workouts on your pc, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Bodyweight Burn PDF with examples of exercises
Example snippet from one of my Bodyweight Burn PDF booklets

I was impressed by how detailed the package was with all of the exercises detailed in the PDF booklet. You can even go into the video section online and cue up the workouts in the set to follow along. That’s the part that made it super easy for me and why I fell in love with this program. I’m not a good one to read and just do, I prefer to watch the videos and follow along.

As you can see in the above and below spinets from the booklet, there are a lot of different workouts. These combined workouts are what get the fat-burning quicker as it doesn’t just focus on a few different areas.

This weight loss program starts with bodyweight workouts for beginners and gradually increases the difficulty so it is very easy to follow and it makes it easy to advance to the next levels.

As you progress further, the time for each workout will increase, but it is all detailed from start to finish for you.

You get 3 essential exercise strategies to burn belly fat with the Bodyweight Burn program

  • Afterburner Workouts
  • Metabolic Muscle Workouts
  • Cardioflow Workouts

You get video tutorials which Adam coaches you thru every single exercise within the program, and these aren’t some clips recorded in a basement or commercial gymnasium. This looks like it was obviously a high-quality production created by a film crew.

The video library is packed full of videos for you to immediately start losing your body fat. I couldn’t believe how many videos there are.

Bodyweight Burn PDF workouts
Example spinet from one of my Bodyweight Burn PDF booklets

Finally, you also get a full pdf manual that explains the theory behind the whole Bodyweight Burn approach, handy wall charts that you can print and post in your workout area for quick reference, and printable journals for tracking your progress. Everything is done for you.

If you would like to know the theory, you can read the main exercise manual. But if you’d rather simply just jump straight to the workouts, there’s a quick starting guide that tells you specifically what to do.

Are There Any Negatives?

The main big disadvantage I can see is that it is only available online. You won’t ever find this program in stores or on Amazon. But to be honest, Adam did say that he wanted to offer the best possible program with the most complete user-friendly components while keeping the cost low enough so anyone could afford it. Making the program downloadable is perhaps the most cost-effective way to do this.

And of course, if you’d rather watch the workout videos on your television, it’s very easy to burn the videos to a DVD that will work in any home DVD player.

Where to Buy Bodyweight Burn

It is recommended to buy Bodyweight Burn through the official website. They have a secure payment method at the checkout to ensure that you are 100% safe with your transaction.

The program is available for instant download which means you can start your weight loss journey straight away.

You can use it on your PC, laptop, smartphone, and also tablet so you can take it anywhere you want to.

What’s the Verdict for Bodyweight Burn?

Bodyweight Burn is a complete fat loss solution for busy people, for people who hate the gym, and for anyone who wants to get lean in the least amount of time.

As said before, it doesn’t matter your fitness level as this covers bodyweight workouts to lose fat for beginners right through to the advanced level. I had never done bodyweight workouts before and it blew me away at how they gradually increase it from beginner to advanced. Getting your body back to a firm, toned looking body.

The materials are of high quality. This program was structured together by somebody who is aware of a way to teach, so you’ll never be confused about what to do next.

And Adam’s client support is there to assist and help answer any question you may have down the road.
The testimonials on his website speak of how effective the Bodyweight Burn BW3 approach is for torching fat.

If you follow the directions, then this program can work for you.

I give it a big thumbs up. Highly recommended.

The program also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Start burning your body weight and feel great again, just like I did!

For more information on the Bodyweight Burn program click here

We have a discount link available for a short time only. Get the whole package for just $19 here, limited time only.

This is the best $19 that I have ever invested. $19 isn’t much at all considering you are bettering your health and well-being.

Gym memberships cost a lot more and by doing this at home you don’t have to worry about using gym equipment that is most likely covered in germs from people that you don’t even know!

bodyweight burn package review showing what exactly you will get with the bodyweight burn package


Bodyweight Burn FAQ’s

Q: I am a lady and wondering will this program make me look muscular?

A: No. This program is designed to help tone your body and keep you lean, not to make your body look muscular.

Q: Does this program require an internet connection?

A: Yes initially. You require an internet connection to purchase the program and download it. Once you have downloaded the program you don’t require access to the internet.

Q: Is there an age limit for this program?

A: No, not at all. This program is developed for all age groups in mind so age is no barrier.

Q: I am already reasonably in a fit and healthy state, will this program still benefit me?

A: Absolutely!! This program is made for all fitness levels whether you are a beginner or advanced level. If you are already in a fit state, the advanced exercises will keep you in good shape and also give you extra benefits for your fitness level.

Q: Can a 20-minute workout really be effective?

A: Yes, a 20-minute workout can be very effective, especially how the Bodyweight program has been written. It has been developed extremely well with a packed workout system that you can get results in just a short period of time.

Q: Can you build muscle with bodyweight workouts?

A: Yes. You can build muscle just by doing bodyweight burn workouts. The workouts are aimed to give you a terrific body that is lean and trim.

Thank you for reading my Review. I hope you got a lot of information from this review and the program also works for you.

I hope you make a great choice and start your bodyweight exercises and start burning fat just like I did. I’m glad I used this program, I couldn’t be happier with the results it gave me. I still often use these exercises to keep me lean and feeling amazing!

Being overweight can be dangerous and could even lead to fatality if not treated. There are tonnes of side effects of being overweight, you can check out some more information about the side effects of being overweight here.

So what are your thoughts?

We would love to hear from you. Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think about the review, or other weight loss products you have tried.

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