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Fix My Back Pain Review

Welcome to Fix My Back Pain Review. 

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bad lower back pain

Are you considering buying Fix My Back Pain? If you are, I advise you to read this review as you might be shocked by what I will discuss later in this review.

Today I would like to share my thoughts and opinions on a program called Fix My Back Pain. I would like to let you know what I really think about this product.

Do you suffer from mild to chronic back pain?

No matter what you do or which position you put yourself in, you can’t get any relief? Get lower back pain after a workout?  Popping pain pills, anti-inflammatory tablets, going to physical therapy, chiropractor visits or can’t work out anymore? The list goes on!

If you or anyone you know are suffering from any kind of back discomfort, this will be the most important review you’ll read!

Back pain is a very close subject for me as I have just gone through my 2nd round of back surgery and am still recovering. Feel free to read my personal story about my back below this review.

After Reading a testimonial here from Todd Lamb, I knew this product was for me


Fix My Back Pain

This is why I would like to introduce you to fix my back pain program. Fix My Back Pain is an inexpensive back pain treatment that anyone can afford. Look after your back and know the signs. Get in and start fix my back before you need surgery!! Trust me, you don’t want to go through the recovery! I wish I knew how to correct my back pain before my 2 surgeries!

Check out fix my back pain video below where Rick kaselj talks about ‘Best Stretch To Do First Thing In The Morning’.

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What is fix my back pain?

Fix my back pain is focused on helping people with existing back pain or injury. Rick’s goal is to get you back to a pain-free lifestyle.

Fix my back pain is packed with video tutorials showing you how to stretch and warm-up before working out, great workouts, and what to do after your workout.

While strengthening your back is important, it has to be done when the spine has been reshaped into a pain-free back area. Your lumbar spine needs to be reshaped, otherwise, you are adding more strength to the region and it will make your pain a lot worse. This will cause easy repetitive back injuries and further damage to your lumbar spine.

This program helps to get your spine reshaped and on your way to a pain-free back!

Fix My Back Pain Author

Rick kaselj is the author of fix my back pain. Rick specializes in fitness and exercise rehabilitation. He also works on educating and training people who have been injured in car accidents, injured at work and during sports activities.

Rick has combined all of his experience and passion to develop a heap of courses and presentations for fitness professionals, healthcare providers and Kinesiologists.

Rick has gained a lot of qualifications over time. He graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, completed his Masters of Science degree which is focused on therapeutic exercise for the rotator cuff and also corrective exercise.

Rick is currently working as a lecturer, personal trainer, Kinesiologist and an exercise rehabilitation specialist around Vancouver.

fix my back pain Rick Kaselj

What’s Included In Fix My Back Pain Program?

If you use my link toward the bottom of the page, you will get the whole package plus bonuses for just $19 USD. So here is what you get in the package –

  • Quick Start Video Tour ($150 Value)
  • Internal Back Reshaping ($150 Value)
  • External Back Reshaping ($29.99 Value)
  • Injury Specific Exercise ($150 Value)

fix my back pain package

For a limited time only bonuses

  • The 48 Hour Back Pain Rescue Guide ($19 Value Free)
  • The No Back Strain Workout ($19.99 Value Free)
  • Earn 3 CECS/CEUS ($77 Value Free)

sore lower back muscleslower back stretchesbest lower back exercises



The Pros

  • Fix My Back Pain is run by a fully trained professional
  • Workouts that don’t put any pressure on the spine
  • They deal with the root of the problem, not the symptoms
  • Fix My Back Pain program has a huge library of workouts
  • Comes with a 100% cash back guarantee
  • All techniques are 100% natural and safe
  • Instant access to fix my back pain at the checkout so you can start today
  • Heaps of bonuses
  • Affordable back pain relief

The Cons

  • No physical copy – download only

As a back pain sufferer myself, I am very impressed with Fix My Back Pain. Therefore, I highly recommend Fix My Back Pain. The program has been proven to work with all sorts of back problems. Disc bulges, disc herniation, sciatica, strains and sprains, the list goes on.

I really like the idea of video instructions. I am one for watching someone do something rather than reading instructions.

Another great thing is, they guarantee it will work or your money back. They give you a 60-day money-back guarantee. Anyone can afford this program, it is an affordable back pain relief.


Why Does My Back Hurt So Much – My Personal Story

Back in 2006, I hurt my back by doing such a simple task of polishing the floorboards in my house with a handheld polisher/sweeper. Once I felt the pain, I decided to sit down until the pain level went down some. I called out to my wife and told her what had happened and that my back is sore.

After around 5 minutes of sitting on the front steps of the house, my wife told me that I should have a hot shower to see if that might ease the pain. I thought that was a great idea.

I went to get up, but I couldn’t! Every time I went to stand the pain was so intense. Besides that, I couldn’t physically put any pressure on my feet. That was one of the scariest moments of my life!

my back is sore

Both my wife and I knew something wasn’t right. I knew it was more than just sore lower back muscles.

Eventually, I got taken to the emergency department at our local hospital. I was sent for an x-ray on my lumbar spine and was told there wasn’t any evidence of damage.

They told me it’s probably just sore lower back muscles and there’s nothing they can do. I had an injection for the pain and sent home.

Finally At Home

The next few days at home were extremely painful, I just thought it was expected after hurting my back. I had been off work for over a week and still no better, so went to my local family doctor. He also sent me for an x-ray on my lumbar spine.

The report stated that I have degenerative disc disease and narrowing of one of the lower discs. The report summary stated that I most likely have a disc bulge and should be referred for an MRI as disc bulges don’t show on x-rays. My doctor told me that it’s totally unlikely to be a disc bulge and to go to physical therapy and take a course of anti-inflammatory tablets.

The pain subsided a bit, I still had a fair bit of pain. I thought people were starting to think I was a hypochondriac, so just lived with the pain the best I could. Some days good, most days not so good.

I started doing some lower back stretches and tried to work out what the best lower back exercises were to give more strength in the lumbar spine region. I didn’t get much relief, but the pain wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the day it happened.

2013 – My Back Is Sore, What Has Happened?

In 2013 things got a lot worse. I was sick with a stomach bug and had to throw up. I ran to the toilet to be sick. The sudden movement from being sick into the toilet threw my body around and jolted my back and hurt it even more.

Later that night sciatica started kicking in with aggression. I now not only had bad lower back pain, but I also had this sciatica. It felt like live electricity shooting from my butt down to my foot.

I went to my family doctor and demanded that I get an MRI on my lumbar spine. My doctor told me it will cost me a lot of money to get an MRI done, I didn’t care. I just wanted answers as to why does my back hurt so much, and now I have these shooting pains with it.

lumbar spine, bad lower back pain
Actual scan of my lumbar spine in May 2013. Large disc protrusion at L5/S1 level.

I got the MRI results and BINGO! The scan came back with a high-grade disc bulge at L5/S1! This was pushing on my L5/S1 nerve root causing painful sciatica down my left leg.

My doctor sent the scan results immediately to a neurosurgeon for a referral.

Before I knew it, I was in the hospital having my first back surgery, a discectomy (removal of the bulging disc). My surgeon told me that he cut out as much of the bulging disc as possible, but it kept oozing. He had to stop because if he kept going it would have been a bone on bone situation.

During a check-up after my surgery, the surgeon told me that I will eventually need further surgery because there wasn’t much disc left, and the disc condition wasn’t good.

2018 – My Lower Back Always Hurts, Why?

Not even 5 years later, crippling pain again!! I could barely walk and just wanted a fix for my back pain, I had gone through enough. I was quick to make the decision to go straight to the doctor and demand a scan immediately.

They sent the scan directly to my previous surgeon for diagnosis. As I had thought, the diagnosis wasn’t good. The surgeon said that I need to get spinal fusion done in my L5/S1 region. I was over all the pain and just wanted to get it fixed to hopefully have a pain free life.

lower back always hurts - lumbar spine
Actual scan of my L5/S1 Posterior Fusion surgery.

I had the L5/S1 posterior fusion surgery done on 8th May 2018. At the moment of writing this, I am only 12 weeks post-surgery and still in pain from the recovery.

I’m hoping to have a full recovery and actually get on with my life and enjoy family time with my wife and kids.

Recovery has been a nightmare, so I hope it is worth the pain I have gone through.

I know I have probably gone on too much, but I want you to know exactly what having a bad back can lead to. 2 surgeries on the lumbar spine aren’t great at all.

Even though I am 12 weeks post surgery, I am still suffering bad lower back pain, but starting to do half days back at work. (Office duties only).

Now it’s your turn, we would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below!

What do you think of ‘Fix My Back Pain’?

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