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The Cinderella Solution Review 2019

The Cinderella Solution Review



Welcome to The Cinderella Solution Review. If you thinking of trying the Cinderella Solution for weight loss make sure you stick around as we will be covering everything you need to know.

In this review we will cover the following plus lots more:

  • What is the Cinderella Solution diet
  • Who is Carly Donovan (Creator)
  • Is Cinderella Solution legit
  • How Does Cinderella Solution Work
  • Who is it for
  • Is Cinderella Solution safe
  • What is included
  • Pros & Cons of Cinderella Solution diet
  • Most importantly – Does Cinderella Solution work?
  • Plus more!!

What is the Cinderella Solution Diet

The Cinderella Solution diet is a powerful 28-day weight loss program that is based on a Japanese principle known as ‘Shoku-Iku’. Shoku-Iku means nutrition architecture in Japanese.

This is a weight loss program specifically designed with women in mind. It is ideal for any woman that suffers from a slow metabolism and is struggling to lose weight.

The Cinderella Solution Review - Carly Donovan

The program is designed to help lose weight 6 times faster than the most popular diets that are out there today. There is also no need to keep a diary with writing down and tracking calories etc.

This amazing weight loss solution is an easy, simple to follow program that works on resetting your 3 key fat-burning hormones. These include; Estrogen, Insulin, and Cortisol.

Cinderella Solution comes in a PDF format that is available for Instant Download. The program has 2 phases, the ‘Ignite Phase’ and the ‘Launch Phase’. Both of these phases go for 14 days each, (more information about these phases later in this review, so be sure to check them out).

You will notice that there is a huge variety of meal choices in this program. You will not be following any strict, boring diet plans at all in this weight loss program.

Who is Carly Donovan

Carly Donovan came up with the idea of creating the Cinderella Solution weight loss program.

Carly Donovan

Carly had been overweight for most of her life. After a big health scare and almost losing her life she decided it was time to look into how to lose weight successfully and keep it off.

The traditional dieting and exercising got her nowhere at all. Carly was determined to find a solution to her problems just like a lot of other women around the world. After a lot of in-depth research, Carly came up with the Cinderella Solution.

Her program has become a huge success and has helped thousands of people around the world with their weight loss transformations. Carly herself actually lost 100lbs of fat and also 6 dress sizes!


Is Cinderella Solution Legit

Absolutely! This program is totally legit. Check out their sales page to see some great testimonials and results.

Cinderella Solution is not a scam. This program also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee for your own comfort.

How Does The Cinderella Solution Work

The Cinderella Solution is focused mainly on women over the age of 30 that want to lose weight, keep it off, live longer and also feel and actually look younger.

Weight Loss Proof

Most other diets and pills just focus on losing fat. This weight loss program actually targets the real problem. See, with women from the age of 30 it can be a struggle to lose weight successfully and all it is to do with is their Estrogen, Insulin, and Cortisol as previously mentioned.

This program basically re-sets these important hormones and kick-starts you on a healthy, safe, rewarding, rapid and most importantly permanent weight loss.

Is Cinderella Solution Safe

Cinderella Solution is totally safe and natural, so there is no need to worry about that. This program has also been scientifically back and trialed with success from 10’s of thousands of women just like you.

 What’s Included in Cinderella Solution

Cinderella Solution package plus bonuses

1. Main Manual

 Part 1: The Cinderella Solution Explained

This is where the program begins and will go through a basic introduction of what the program is about, what to expect.

Chapter One: The Cinderalla Solution “Weight Loss From The Inside Out”

This quick chapter helps you know where and how to get started on your exciting weight loss journey.

Chapter Two: Weight Loss Rituals

Here you will go through the amazing parts which include – Food Coupling, Flavor Pairing, Nutrient Timing and also Movement Sequencing.

In short, this is about pairing your foods based on flavors and also knowing the right time for you to consume these.

Chapter Three: Ignite & Launch – Cinderella’s 2-Phase Approach To Weight Loss

This section consists of 2 phases of the weight loss program, plus about ‘Cycling the Ignite and Launch Phases’.

The first phase is called the ‘Ignite Phase’. This is where you will be starting out eating 3 meals per day. These foods are aimed to boost your metabolism to turn your body into a fat-burning machine. This stage goes for 14 days. In this stage, you will notice that you are already starting to lose your unwanted body fat.

Once the ‘Ignite Phase’ has been completed, it’s time to get into the ‘Launch Phase’.

In this 2nd phase, instead of eating 3 meals per day you will be eating 4 per day. These meals are easy to prepare and also delicious!!

Chapter Four: Macros & Food Pairing Rituals

This chapter concentrates on:

  • PRIME Proteins
  • ROYAL Fats
  • POWER Carbs
  • ANGEL Carb

Chapter Five: Meal Timing & Frequency

  • IGNITE: 3 Meals Daily
  • LAUNCH: 4 Meals Daily
  • When to Eat

Kelly lost a massive 52 lbs


  • 3 Step Instruction Guide
  • Food Pairing Legends
  • Portioning Options
  • Portions and Serving Sizes

Part 2 ‘Meal Creator & Flavor Pairing’ section is packed with great information that you will still be using years down the track. It was well written and makes life so easy to prepare, organize and serve up a DIY weight loss diet plan that’s healthy and is going to continue to pack a punch by burning more & more pounds off!


This third part helps you to be creative and gives packed information about the different food combinations and ingredients to help you on your way to a successful weight loss.

2. Quick Start Guide

You will get a handy quick start guide that is great to keep handy.

3. Video Exercise Guide (This includes all of the exercises for the program)

Plus Limited-Time Bonuses

Bonus 1: The Cinderella Accelerator 21-Day Kickstart Nutrition Guide

Bonus 2: The Cinderella Accelerator Movement Sequencing Guide

Proof that Cinderella solution works

What is ‘Shoku-Iku’?

According to Wikipedia, Shoku-Iku (Kanji: 食育) is the Japanese term for “food education” also known as “nutrition architecture”.

This is where flavor-pairing comes in. What is flavor-pairing? Flavour-pairing is the best way to boost your ‘fat-burning’ hormones. (Some examples of flavor-pairing for the Cinderella Solution will be covered later in this review).

Did you know that Japanese women on average are 42 pounds lighter than the average American woman?

The average weight for Japanese women is 115lbs whereas the average for American women is 157lbs.

Flavor Pairing - Female Fat Loss Code

Pros & Cons of Cinderella Solution diet


Lisa lost 37 lbs of fat

  • This diet system is a natural weight loss plan
  • You can achieve a fast, rapid weight loss
  • Boosts your natural metabolism
  • Very easy to follow
  • Suitable for all women no matter your shape or size
  • Boosts sex drive
  • It has no side effects
  • Makes you look and feel younger
  • Helps to regulate your hormones



  • Digital weight loss plan meaning that you don’t have a physical copy
  • Designed for women only – Men can try it, but results will most likely differ. There are other programs that men can go on that will help just like this one for women
  • Must follow the weight loss plan and stick to it to get guaranteed results

Cinderella Solution Money Back Guarantee

This program is backed with a 90-day money-back guarantee. So if you are not totally satisfied with the product within this time frame you can get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Who Is This Program Recommended For


  • Women struggling to lose weight Sarah lost 48 lbs
  • Obese people
  • Women over the age of 18. Although it is recommended and aimed at women of the age of 30, it doesn’t mean that you HAVE to be over 30 to do this weight loss diet
  • Someone that is motivated to lose weight and stick to it
  • For people that have a deadline to lose a certain amount of weight by a particular date
  • People that want a healthy, younger-looking, younger feeling mind and body. You don’t have to be overweight or obese to go on this program

Who Should Avoid This Program

  • Pregnant women
  • Unmotivated people that can’t stick to a plan
  • People under the age of 17

 Verdict for The Cinderella Solution Program

Cinderella Solution is a very well written program by someone that Carly Donovan Weight Losshas actually gone through struggling with weight herself, so she knows exactly how you are struggling and how to fix it.

There are no bad reviews on Cinderella Solution online, so this proves that it does what it says and actually works unlike a lot of these other scammy programs that are around online.

This program is well worth the small investment to lose weight, get healthy, feel and look younger and love your own body as you should. The one-off payment is less than what you would be spending on a gym for a week or crappy diet pills that don’t even work.

Thanks for dropping by to check out The Cinderella Solution Review.


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