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Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review 2020

Welcome to my Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review for 2020. If you are looking at how to do hip stretches for hip flexors, you have just found a great review that will help you now and in the future.

In this review, you will find a great amount of information to see if the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is right for you.

Myself, I was relieved once I found this program. I read a lot about hip stretches for flexors that are meant to help to unlock the flexors. I didn’t have a clue what people were on about!! That’s when I found this amazing program that goes step-by-step helping you with hip flexor stretch exercises.

If you’re wanting to know how to unlock your hip flexor muscles, this is for you, so check out the entire review!!

What Are Hip Flexors?

First of all, knowing human anatomy is an imperative of every human being. The reason for that isn’t because you need to score an A grade on your anatomy paper, rather because having at least the cursory knowledge of what’s going on with your body can help you identify and then correct the issues.

A simple recap if you haven’t been paying much attention to your school instructor, the movement of our joints are directly associated with the muscles joining these joints.

In this Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program Review, we’ll be discussing a specific group of muscles. Whenever you lift your knee towards your body, a group of muscles are at work; these muscles are collectively known as the hip flexors.

The reason why these groups of muscles are so important is that they have been identified as the core group of muscles which dictate your movement. An injury to the hip flexors can lead to all types of bad effects, like the bulging belly because your movement is almost completely restricted.

Official Page For Unlock Your Hip Flexors Can Be Found Here

My Personal Hip Flexor Story

I, myself, have been very acquainted with locked hip flexors. Believe me, it’s the worst thing that could’ve ever happened to me. My whole routine was based on being active. I worked as a salesman which entails that I don’t get to sit behind my desk all day, and adding up on that I am a fitness freak; which means gym five days a week.

My work and hobby both took a toll on me. Before I knew it, one fateful morning I woke up with locked flexor painunbearable pain in my hip. I couldn’t even properly climb down the stairs. It was as if my body couldn’t move itself and all types of bad thoughts started to go through my head. It was apocalyptic for me, if this were going to be a permanent thing, then I would have to think over so many things. I am the type of person who loves the stability and control which a routine provides.

My story doesn’t end there, at that time I didn’t know what was wrong with me or what I did wrong that got me into this position. I had my physical activities going on fine for me; it wasn’t that I was sitting behind a desk all day and barely walking.

I was covering miles after miles and was in decent shape. I went to my local doctor, and he diagnosed it to be that my hip flexors were locked and prescribed me painkillers. He told me to do some stretching (a hip flexor stretch) that was on a diagram that I could barely work out. I did that for a week, but nothing was working, and the pain was getting to my head. I needed to know how to unlock my hip flexors as I couldn’t bare it anymore! I’d started reacting in ways I didn’t use to before. So I did my research and came to Unlock your hip flexors program. The program had a decent amount of testimonials, and the logic behind it seemed to make sense to me.



Quick Tip to Relax Your Tight Hip Flexors

Unlock Your Hip Flexors


Issues After Having Locked Hip Flexors

There were a few things that made me follow the program, and they were the things I would suffer from if my hip flexors remained locked.

  1. Belly bulge

Now, this is one of my genuine fears; I don’t want to be at any age with a bulging belly. However, the science states that if you’re suffering from a locked hip flexor then basically the only force that’ll be acting on your core region will be due to the hip flexors, which if aren’t flexible enough will pull down and out. This will lead to a noticeable belly which isn’t a pretty sight.

Belly bulge can also lead to a bad back and even cause sciatica.

  1. Bad posture

Due to your hip flexors not being flexible enough, it will lead to a bad posture as you won’t be able to keep a straight back while walking

  1. Poor blood circulation

Due to the tightened group of muscles, the blood circulation in the region will be very poor which can lead to a catastrophe of events ranging from weight gain to strokes.

  1. Poor sexual health

The hip flexors are an important group of muscles not only for walking and running but also for intimate acts and needs such as sex. Your sexual life will be significantly hampered if your hip flexors are tight. Your range of motion will be significantly reduced, and there will be poor blood circulation throughout the region.

Once I Read This Here, I Knew It Was For Me

How Do You Get Stiff Hip Flexors?

The mystery now was that how did I come to this point. Why did I have tight hip flexors? From my research, the predominant reason for why people suffered from this was because of their inactive lifestyle.flexors

Most people spend their days behind a desk doing calculations or sending emails. The modern lifestyle is extremely lethargic and toxic. All we do is sit, we sit and talk, we sit and work, and it goes so much that we sit and travel. So, in essence, we don’t use our hip flexor muscles at all. Take it as a car engine; if the car hasn’t been worked up in a decade, you sure can expect troubles when you put the key in the ignition.

However, my situation was different; I had an extremely active lifestyle. My problem wasn’t that I wasn’t working up my muscles as much as required. The reason for their stiffness was the small mistakes I made during the course of my active lifestyle. I never stretched and even when I did it was the static form of stretching, you know the basics they teach us in gym class. These stretches never warmed me up well enough for my crazy workout regimes or my active job.

Another bad habit was that I never got enough sleep or the desired amount of nutrients in my body. My diet was if simply put, pathetic. I wasn’t equipped to deal with muscular stiffness, and I paid the price for it for almost a whole month.

What is The ‘Unlock Your Hip Flexors’ Program?

The title in the commas is exactly what it is. It’s literal. These angelic individuals have come up with a planHip Stretches for Hip Flexors and regime to help you unlock your hip flexors. This is why I am doing this review on unlock your hip flexors. I was absolutely amazed!

After four weeks of absolute agony, I finally decided to go to this program because whatever they were saying made complete sense to me. Static stretching and muscle relaxants weren’t the answer to my problems.

This program helped me identify and work on specific sets of muscles, which was an education even for someone who had lived his whole life claiming to be a fitness fanatic. The system ensured that I work thoroughly on my hip flexors in particular.

Firstly the program taught me how about the importance of hips to one’s posture, be that in a sitting, standing, running or doing deadlifts. Then it goes beyond that and tells you how to target psoas muscles which are basically hard to reach. Now it’s good to know how to do a proper warm-up because there are muscles that you had no idea existed until you screw them up. These psoas muscles, when maintained can help one to rediscover their mental, spiritual and sexual health.

The program also goes on to educate you regarding the vital information of how and why psoas muscles differ in your structure. It then goes beyond to tell you how to apply this information to get positive changes in your lifestyle by having strong hip flexors. hip stretches for flexors

The program also tells you how to make healthy choices in a given life. No one expects you to leave your desk job because of a certain revelation that the lifestyle might give you muscle pain. The idea is that you incorporate activities into your daily routine which can help you self-correct your flexors. It also shows how everything is recoverable. You don’t have to cry all day because of your bad life choices, rather keep your chin up and make positive changes to the current lifestyle.

Additionally, you’ll learn something that I was extremely glad to learn, which is that even if you’re a gym enthusiast and don’t sit around all day, you can still be affected by tight psoas muscle tissues. The shocking thing is that if you don’t identify it right away, then all the workouts that you’ve been doing will end up doing much more harm to you than good. You need to unlock your hips before you do anything else.

The program also provides key insight into how tight hips can have a serious negative impact on your sex life, something every human being should be taken seriously.

Finally, the program will educate you on how to master the art of how to unlock your hip flexors. It’ll be a new skill in your arsenal. You’ll be well equipped in dealing with this problem if it happens again to you or if it affects a loved one. This program is going to teach you self-dependence, you won’t require people telling you on what to do, you’ll know it yourself because you took out time to learn and learning is definitely invaluable.

unlock your hip flexors


Are you the demographic for this program?

Well most likely you are, this program isn’t for something really specific. It’s not necessary that you go through a certain problem to fix it. If you’re going through stiff hip flexor muscles then trust me and purchase it right now, but if you aren’t my advice is that it’s always good to be pre-emptive about it, you wouldn’t want to go through the agony I went.

The program is for the young and old alike. The benefits we have discussed before, and they are infinite, as the quality of your life is a right that you have and you shouldn’t be taking it away from yourself. Just imagine yourself with absolutely no back pain, doesn’t it seem like a blessing.

The flexibility of your muscles is important for you to be able to achieve anything in the realm of physical achievements. These achievements can do you a world of good for your mental health as well. You’ll be able to increase the range of your motion, have a much better posture and be able to continue having a good sex life as a result. The best thing about it is that it’s so easy to use that anyone can use it.

What does Unlock Your Hip Flexors package include?

The package has a 63-page pdf form guide and two videos which will guide you to make sure you do the exercises correctly.

The guide is a proper manual with visual aids on how to perform the various routines and hip stretches with in-depth information related to each exercise and medical references to them as well. The DVD’s will have the instructions on how to do these exercises in a safe and accurate manner. The first DVD will be instructional while the second will let you know of routines that you’ll be able to follow on your own.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors dvd

The package comes with a set of bonuses as well. These will have to be ordered separately from the package. These bonuses tackle other muscle groups that have a high probability of getting stiff, so I recommend that you order it too.

The first bonus covers the hamstrings, which are an important psoas muscle group. It will help you incorporate exercises that will help you to unlock your hamstrings.

how to unlock your tight hamstrings

The second bonus, which I took full advantage of, covers the anti-inflammatory diet. Remember how I told you that I had an absolutely pathetic diet? Well, that diet is shared among millions of people. It’s not appropriate at all for you, but you have it anyway. This bonus will help you discover healthier meals which will, in turn, help your body recover faster and be better after every exercise routine. Recovery is just as important as exercising, and that is a fact.

unlock your hip flexors dvd, pdf package plus bonuses

To conclude, my physical life did completely change after purchasing this program and following it to every minute detail. It is easier than you may think, just follow the hip stretches to unlock the flexors and you will find yourself in comfort at last! There’s absolutely no reason to let your body ruin because only you can take care of your body and every option should be considered. For me, this package has been the best purchase for my physical health. If you want to know how to unlock your hip flexors and finally get relief, jump on board and get it at the discounted rate below!

unlock your hip flexors discount


Thanks for dropping by to check out my Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review.

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