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Yoga Burn Review – My Review 2020

Welcome to my Yoga Burn Review. I hope you get all of this information you are looking for in this review.

If you have tried losing weight and not getting anywhere, don’t worry as you are not alone. Weight loss can be a hard thing to do and also get your head around. This is where yoga could be a great start for you in 2020 to lose weight, but is the Yoga Burn program the right one to turn to??

Yoga Burn Review

About Me

Yoga Burn Review by Lucia

Hi, my name is Lucia and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to do this review on Yoga Burn.

I have tried so many so-called ‘yoga programs’ and have either ended up hurting myself or not getting results. All of this made it too hard for me, so I just gave up these crappy programs.

When I mentioned this embarrassing experience to one of my work colleagues, we both had a bit of a laugh and she told me about an amazing yoga program that was easy to do with easy step-by-step instructions and gave her the results that I was looking for. I gave it a go and that’s why I am here today, to give my thoughts and opinions on the Yoga Burn program!!

My Yoga Burn Review

Yoga Burn is a program that was created by Zoe Bray-Cotton that is an easy to learn 12-week program designed to boost metabolism, tighten and flatten your stomach all while shaping and toning your body.

This yoga program comes with instructional videos that are easy to follow and you can do from the comfort of your very own home. No need to go to any gym or yoga classes (this is the part that I loved)!!

With all of the benefits of yoga, I couldn’t help myself but give it a go!!

About The Creator

Zoe Bray-Cotton is the creator of the Yoga Burn system.

Zoe is a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer and a female body transformation specialist. She is popular in the world of weight loss and has a lot of experience when it comes to helping other women tone their bodies and working on fat loss.

With all of Zoe’s experience over the years, she decided to put all her knowledge and techniques together and decided to develop the Yoga Burn program.


How Does Yoga Burn Work? Yoga poses

Zoe’s secret to a successful yoga burn program is what is known as ‘Dynamic Sequencing‘.

Dynamic Sequencing is how the program teaches you how to perform each and every movement so you will adapt easily and increase your challenge at the exact moment that your body starts getting used to the routine. Doing this approach will help force your body to adapt and lead to helping to shape your body, plus it will make you feel amazing!!

You will never get bored with this program, as it keeps your mind and body guessing what is next!!!

The 3 phase unique program is packed with informational videos that run for around 45 minutes each. They do recommend to try and do 3 of them per week to get incredible results!

The 3 Phases of Yoga Burn

Phase 1 – Foundational Flow

This phase will kick start you off by teaching you how to build a solid yoga foundation.

In the first four weeks you will be taught the foundation of strong yoga practice, and start shaping those long and lean muscles.

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced at yoga as you will benefit and reap the rewards from doing this phase.

You will also learn how to build a strong ‘mind connection’, this will make it easier in the next phases. If you do the program you will know what I mean. It is the initial part of the program that will help you progress through the next stages easy, effectively and safely. (I needed the safely part…lol).

Phase 2 – Transitional Flow

In this phase, it will teach you to combine moves that you have learned in the 1st phase and use them smoothly in a way that will help you burn more calories, get your cardio up and ultimately….burn more fat!!

By the time you get to this stage, you will find yourself more comfortable with the moves you have learned so far (well, I know I did anyway).

The videos in this stage focus on the larger muscle groups including – your core, upper body, and lower body.

Phase 3 – Mastery Flow

I absolutely LOVED this phase, I felt like a true yoga professional here!!!

In this phase, you combine everything you have learned in the past 2 phases. This really gets you going and speeds up your metabolism. You can move your body in ways that you would have never thought you could!!

A lot of these videos concentrate on repetition, this is aimed at trying to fatigue your desired muscles.

You also do extra work in this phase to get your body to have the sexy figure back that you once had!!

yoga burn package


Who is Yoga Burn For?

Although Yoga Burn is specifically aimed at women, men can also do this.

Anyone can do this and best of all, you can do it from the comfort of your own home without having to use any gym equipment or weights.

It’s aimed at those that want to have a natural and healthy weight loss without the crappy diet pills that don’t work or magical shakes that don’t work either.

9 Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga Burn Pros and Cons

I found the pros far outweighed the cons. Although this yoga program may not be for everyone, I thoroughly enjoyed it, lost weight and increased my flexibility.


  • I found a lot of Yoga Burn reviews from others that have tried it and they all seem satisfied. This proves it is a good product.
  • Easy to follow instructional videos.
  • The program is created by a professional yoga instructor that has been doing this for years and years.
  • No out of pocket expenses i.e. going to the gym, having memberships for yoga classes, no need to buy expensive gear.
  • Do it in the comfort of your own apartment/house.
  •  60-day money-back guarantee. This gives you plenty of time to see if it’s working for you.
  • Gave me weight loss and made my stomach firm and toned.
  • They threw in bonuses for me.


  • Noticed a bit of pain at first, but later found out that this is totally normal for beginners.
  • The program asks that you do 3 x 45-minute sessions per week. Sometimes I struggled to find the time after work.
  • Some of the videos seemed to drag on a bit, but they were full of great information. Guess I just wanted to get into the good stuff!!
  • Maybe too easy for some people.

Where To Buy Yoga Burn

I bought my Yoga Burn package through their official website here.

The whole package plus bonuses only cost me $37. This is cheaper than going to the gym 3 times in a week. They also have a deal going at the moment that you can get 2 packages at a great rate.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Yoga Burn Program Hard?

Not at all. This program is designed to help people from beginner level all the way through to advanced. The program will teach you step-by-step with very easy instructions, so easy that an absolute beginner can do it.

The starting phases have poses that are very easy to learn, then it slowly gets more advanced as it goes. You won’t find it hard to do at all.

Can I Get My Money Back If I Am Not Satisfied

Absolutely!! Yoga Burn has a 60-day money-back guarantee!!

If you don’t see results or find that this program is not for you, they will give you a full refund, no questions asked. You won’t find that very often!

Can I Do Yoga Burn If I Am Pregnant?

You sure can. If you are pregnant, they have some bonus videos that come with the package called ‘The Beginner Flow’ and ‘The Tranquility Flow’ which are actually recommended for all stages of pregnancy.

Also, Yoga Burn would be perfect for helping you during the recovery period once your baby is born…..plus you don’t need a baby sitter as you can do it from your own lounge room!!

What If I Find The Workouts Are Too Hard For Me?

The program is designed to suit all fitness levels from totally new beginners to advanced yoga. The way this program works is to start with the very basics of each pose. Then you will be taught how to progress in a more challenging way.

There are also a lot of modifications you will be shown in the videos to adjust to your current level of experience, so don’t panic, it’s actually easier than you think.

Final Thoughts on Yoga Burn

This is an amazing investment for your health, fitness and overall well-being that will be worth every dollar. You will be getting an incredible program that you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own house. Be like me and get on board to get your amazing body back that you once had. The only problem I have is that I wished I had done this a lot sooner!!!

Thanks for reading my ‘Yoga Burn Review’. I hope this has helped you with all of the information you were looking for.

Happy Yoga-ing!!! 

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